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supporter marianne stebbins she told people there was one man carrying the message read out millions will spread the message we will live better when we live free. our leaders are in neighborhoods discussing ideas and we practice living free. ticino children to be self-sufficient you may run for city council to recapture liberty and change the hearts and minds. you are the leader. >> don't settle. lived better. live free. john: no more than 2 million
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understand >>. >> gregg: going from bad to worse, a severe deadly strain of flu is spreading cast the united states and officially hitting epidemic levels. widespread cases reporting in nearly every states. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. so the death toll grows. cdc releases numbers, 20 children have died and overall there are now 27 dead in minnesota, 22 in pennsylvania, 18 in massachusetts, 8 in oklahoma and six in illinois. nationwide the grim total may be
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higher since not all of the deaths are initially reported as linked to the flu. anna is following all this develop by the hour. live in the new york city newsroom. >> reporter: officials say the flu outbreak may be slowing, cuomo declared a state health emergency. flu has been reported in all states, 57 counties and all five boroughs. boston has been hit particularly hard. death toll stands at six including a child under the age of 6. stated public health officials say the flu's early arrival and fierce symptoms have caused patients to flood emergency rooms and a rush on vaccine. nationally officials say supplies are running low in some places, but vaccine is still available. nearly 130 million doses of flu vaccine have been distributed and so far at least 112 million have been used. they say it's not too late to
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get your shot. >> this is one of the worst we've had in almost five years plus. our last one we saw when the 2009, 2010 epidemic and ten years ago we saw a season we're seeing right now. >> it's driven by twofold. a stronger strain and earlier start to the sciences than most years. cdc officially labeling the outbreak an epidemic. normal occurrence in the wintertime and very young and very old and underlying diseases should get the vaccine immediately. typically the flu season is about 12 weeks long. we're only about four or five weeks into this year's season. we could have several more weeks to deal with before we're in the clear on this one. >> jamie: that is concern. thank you so much. as she mentioned, the new york
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governor has declared a statewide emergency becoming the first state to declare because of the severe flu outbreak. executive order suspends a state law to let authorities to administer medications that are only 18 years old. this will last now for the next month. good news. that order comes as nearly 20,000 flu cases have been reported in new york state alone. that is more than four times the positive laboratory results that are normally reported all season. >> gregg: the cost of the flu is shocking. in united states alone the annual direct costs estimated at $10.4 billion and that includes hospitalization and doctor visits and medications, additionally up to 111 million work days are lost of the flu and that is estimated $7 billion
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in lost productivity. >> jamie: it's so important to stay healthy. we are all trying so hard. next hour, a member have our medical team will tell you everything you need to know to keep your family safe from the flu. >> gregg: no uncertainty about the future of america's gun laws as biden's recommendations on reducing gun violence. the vice president wrapped up a string of meetings and set to release gun control recommendations on tuesday. he suggested president obama may avoid a battle with congress by changing laws through executive order. the president publicly said he supports banning assault weapons more stringent background checks. peter doocy with the latest. >> reporter: the vice president gave us a very specific example on friday of an idea being
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kicked around by the task force he is leading trying to reduce gun violence and it sounds similar from the james bond movie skyfall. >> there is a lot to change, for example, every gun purchased, there can only be five other persons purchased literally it would be unable to fire. >> reporter: ideas like that don't sit well with the national rifle association who emerged under the impression that the administration is speaking to attack the second amendment. >> gun control has been a failed experiment. so let's look at mental health, let's look at violent culture. let's look at things that can really address the problem. >> reporter: retailers have seen a surge in sales as many americans are stocking up on weapons they apparently fear won't be easy to come by once
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the federal government takes steps to reduce gun violence. >> gun sales have gone through the roof. anything and everything. handguns, think people that were offense about buying had planned to buy one were pushed because they are afraid they won't be able to buy certain weapons. >> the vice president says he thinks a great deal can be down without impinging on the rights guaranteed by the second amendment. >> gregg: the vice president offered to speak with families of the victims of sandy hook elementary shooting. it e-mailed members to put relatives directly in touch with the vice president. the families will have an opportunity to share their views before president obama makes any decisions on gun laws. >> jamie: president obama is under increasing pressure from his own party to avoid default
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without congressional approval. senate democrats are encouraging the president to considering bypassing congress if necessary to prevent our nation from defaulting on its spending obligation. this would happen if lawmakers -- cannot agree to raise the nation's $16.4 trillion debt ceiling. david hawking, great to see you, david. thank you so much for joining us. what is the letter from the majority leader harry reid say the president should do and how many senators signed on? >> most of senate leadership signed on. it encourages all the important top senate leaders including senator reid, chuck schumer and dick durbin. they told the president to use any quote, any lawful steps,
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unquote that the debt limit goes up even if congress doesn't pass a law saying it could go up. the reason they are doing that is because president has been told by speaker boehner he won't allow the debt ceiling to go up unless there is a dollar for dollar tradeoff in cuts. >> the last deal went through without the spending cuts. the president does have some authority, doesn't he, to take care of the debt limit on his own. is there a compromise between that and getting bipartisan support for an agreement? >> right. any lawful steps. that is the big mystery, what are the lawful steps. two steps that people are talking about. one that is seemingly quite legal but sort of wacky sounding and one is questionably legal but mainstream. wacky one would be minting a trillion dollar coin.
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totally legal. president has the authority to make coins out of platinum and whatever denomination. in theory he could have one coin and composite ted at federal reserve and pay down that for several months. who would pay for that? you get enough platinum and declare the value is trillion dollars and it's legal and the federal government could write checks against that one coin. it is legal. the more mainstream one is questionable legality. president itself he doesn't think he has the legality to do this, to declare under the constitution wording in the 14th amendment that the validity of the debts of the united states shall be not be questioned. some constitutional scholars believe the president can say on his own authority we're going to keep paying our bills whether congress has given us permission
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or not. >> jamie: let me take eight step further. you have laid out a great analysis of what the options are. there is a lot of talk about the administration what they talk about taking care of the debt ceiling is obligations by congress in particular according to president obama that have been incurred so far. has anyone considered the spending going forward and how would we take care of that even if we handle the debt limit crisis we have right now? >> i think this is going to be the dominant debate in washington for the next six, eight weeks. i think there will be serious negotiations and attempt at serious negotiations to slow the rate of spending on healthcare entitlements, medicare principally, in a dollar for dollar way with increases in the debt. president says he won't make eight straight trade. he won't describe it as a
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straight tradeoff. he want to de-couple about future discussions entitlements. whether they can come to an agreement whether it should be described one for one trade or two different ajsz is one of the reasons for the standoff. there is going to be a serious, i think, that is unvoidable there will be another attempt at this spring to rein in some of these entitlement spending and healthcare spending that is really the driving problem of our deficit and which they have gotten close to. >> jamie: it sounds like the way you are describing it, this the last point i would love for you to clarify -- even if we handle it right now we could be back here again at $18 trillion? >> we could be back here often. the law says in theory that congress has to permit borrowing. there is no chance under any of
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these scenarios our debt is not going to continue to rise. it's going rise at a slower level. there was one small period right before september 11th when the debt was actually shrinking on its own because we were in a period of surplus but nobody is talking about surplus yet. we're talking about slowing the debt and not going backwards. i think in the end what you should look for is a deal similar to what we had two summers ago which was the president will be allowed to raise the debt limit in increments subject to a vote of approval in which congress a vote of disapproval by congress a super majority could say no. >> jamie: on this topic i'm sure you'll be back with us soon. thank you. >> gregg: we're also following another al-qaeda hot spot this time in west africa, french
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forces launching air strikes on three separate targets in mali driving islamist rebels out of the city. paris is now asking the united states to send drones to support that campaign. french operation coming after an appeal from help from the president and fighting involving hundreds of french troops. one helicopter was down and pilot has died. new reports that france has raised terrorist threat level as a result of the current military action. it's important to understand this is one of the most dangerous offshoots of al-qaeda in the world right now and they are carved out their own territory in lawless desert region in the northern part of the country over the last nine months. we're going to have much more on this developing story coming up. president obama discussing the future of america's mission in afghanistan with president
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hamid karzai. two leaders agreeing after eleven years of war it's time for afghan forces to take more responsibility to secure their own country. they also talked about accelerating the time table for reducing troop levels. president obama laid out his vision for afghanistan's future. >> this year will mark another milestone. afghan forces will take the lead for security across the en steir country, and by the end of next year the transition will be complete. afghans will have full responsibility for their security, and this war will come to a responsible end. >> gregg: molly henneberg has more. >> molly: part of that responsible end that the ttd was talking about according to republicans is making sure that u.s. prevents al-qaeda from moving back into afghanistan. >> like all americans want our
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troops home, but the important part is to keep the troops there safe. when you reduce your numbers like 10,000 you have to make sure your mission is complete and coordinated with afghan authorities. >> molly: president obama seen here with hamid karzai says he will explain to the american people in coming months what the u.s. footprint in afghanistan after 2014. for now he says he is concentrating on bringing home most american troops, and this spring shifting those that remain to a training and advising role. here at home america needs to rebuild our own nation. >> we have to grow our economy and shrink our deficits. create new jobs and boost family incomes. we have to fix our infrastructure and immigration system. we have to protect our planet from the destructive effects of climate change and protect our
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children from the horrors of gun violence. >> molly: as for afghanistan he voiceded his support for reconciliation efforts and afghan and taliban insurgents. part of that is taliban political office to help facilitate negotiations with afghan leaders. >> gregg: molly henneberg, thanks very much. >> jamie: the fourth living recipient of the highest honor. the heroic actions of this soldier that is earning him the medal of honor. >> disgraced cyclist lance armstrong giving a bombshell interview with new reports he may decide to come clean about all those doping allegations. >> jamie: one lawmaker is pushing to put prayer in public school. they take prayer out of school and think god should be back in school.
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and slimful tastso good... i don't even miss dessert. slimful and a glass of water... eating less is a beautiful thing. >>. >> gregg: former army staff sergeant set to receive the medal of honor next month. he ignored his battle wounds to
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take out the enemy, retrieve the dead during an ambush by 300 fighters in afghanistan in 2009. he will be the fourth living recipient of the nation's highest award for combat. the department of homeland security warning internet users to temporarily disable java. hackers could be exploiting a flaw in the software making consumers vulnerable. 40 people dead, two missing following a landslide in southwest china. no reports of what triggered the slide as the region cope west side unusually cold temperatures. >> jamie: an indiana senator taking the push on schools they want prayer in schools. what do find surprising is who is speaking out against it. now more from our fox affiliate
1:23 pm
in indiana. >> our father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name. >> this represents a fundamental teaching of the christian faith. dennis cruz believes the lord's prayer should be taught in sunday school but public school, as well. senate bill 23 would allow students to say the prayer at school. >> i think she putting too much emphasis on the role of the school system. >> surprising opinion from the campus pastor of southern church of indiana. >> i think the legislation may be a bit narrow, a bit misguided. i would like to see the legislature empower schools to do their mission and empower families to do their mission and allow the faith community do their provision. >> it has an opt out bill that don't want kids to participate. >> they take god out of schools and i really think god should than back in school.
1:24 pm
>> not all kids are christian. i'm a christian but i don't think it needs to be legislated. >> they don't have faith it will pass. >> if you bring the lord's prayer or a christian prayer into the schools you also have to be very sensitive to other religions, muslim faith, jewish faith. >> hurdles are plenty but conservatives have a better than two to one majority in the legislature right now. senator cruz is more driven by the talk than changing law. he writes, my intention on the legislation was to foster a conversation about religious liberty. comfortable or not, he has. >> jamie: and gilbert is the one that was reporting. we say thank to you to both. >> gregg: war without ending.
1:25 pm
all paying a deadly price. now world powers are calling for the syrian government to be held accountable for all the bloodshed. >> jamie: plus a debate over gun control. new rules and restrictions may be on the way. >> we know that -- there is no silver bullet. as one of my friends said, there is no seat belt to put on to make sure there will not be a circumstance again. hey, our salads. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. tragically, their ddy got sacked by blackouts. but it's our tradition!
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>>. >> jamie: welcome back. we want to tell you about new developments on the battle feel. rebels have suffered a major set back. troops that are level to assad have captured most of the strategic suburb in the capital of damascus. since the uprising in syria
1:30 pm
begin two years ago, united nations says 60,000 people have been killed. this year the u.n. envoy dealing with syria predicts the total to hit 100,000. as all this violence rages more than 50 countries or calling on the security council to bring in the international criminal court. corner powell is live with the latest. >> reporter: a letter will be handed over to the u.n. security council referring syria to the international criminal court. with this move it opens up syrian leaders for prosecution for war crimes. as the diplomatic move is occurring the violence in syria is also still maintaining the same type of brutal pace we've seen over the course of the last two-year. syrian rebels say they have captured a base in the north. assad regime has used air power
1:31 pm
to bomb civilians across syria. rebels rocket launchers and tanks and with the capture of this air base they will be able to limit the number of air strikes that syrian jets are able to launch in northern syria. they still expect there will be air strikes but this will simply remove some of those abilities to attack civilians and rebel fighters. as you said, the rebels have faced setbacks in and around damascus. reportedly syrian troops have begun to take control of a suburb that was controlled by syrian rebels. it's the type of fighting we're seeing all over the country, one side takes the hair and other side takes it back. this is continuing and u.n. and international community feels it will continue for a long time and increase in the death toll in coming months and maybe even a year.
1:32 pm
>> jamie: conor powell, thank you so much. >> gregg: joe biden declaring there is no silver bullet to preventing gun tragedies. he made that remark as he sat down this week with members of the video game industry, nra and victims of gun violence. recommendations are expected on tuesday. at one point he suggested president obama could make changes without approval from congress by using an executive order. let's bring in christian whiten a former senior advisor and principal with d.c. advisory who wrote on this a column on this. good to see you. you argue in your column when lawmakers consider tinkering with gun rights, they really need to bear in mind it was the original intent of the founding fathers to confer a political right in the second amendment. explain what you mean. >> i hope in the kabuki theater
1:33 pm
in the vice president's office it's not lost. the second amendment to keep and bear arms to individuals not about hut go, it's not about recreation, it's not about self-defense, it's meant as a final firewall against tyranny. in an orderly democracy. combined with freedom of speech and press guarantees the continuation of liberty but our founders wanted that additional firewall. this has been validated by subsequent dictators who act one of their tyranny banned guns. we're not near that now. but before we go down the slope we should think about it. >> gregg: but if guns are a final resort in a democracy. do these limitations on assault weapons or new rules on background checks, diminish that
1:34 pm
firewall? those limits would still allow gun ownership and gun sales to remain intact. >> i think it sounds to be reasonable on their face. after all, you could say who needs a magazine that holds more than ten rounds. there is couple problems. we know these assault weapon bans don't work. we had one at the federal level and had one here in california at the state level and there was no correlation in reduction in crime. politicians come back and they want all rifles and all handguns starts us down our never ending slope. >> gregg: department of justice and institute of jg, cdc and national research council studied the federal ban and they reached the same conclusion. it didn't have impact on reducing these types of crimes.
1:35 pm
you write this -- criminals and dangerous lunatics the people that progressives have turned loose in cities can -- >> isn't it true that some of most crime infested sits in america have the most restricted gun laws yet they struggle with rampant crime which would tend to belie the argument for greater gun control. >> that is right. >> if you look at the president's adopted hometown of chicago. they have very tough gun laws. i was personally mugged in washington, d.c. two gentlemen that mulgd me didn't seem to be too concerned about that law. if they ban these large magazines, they could be smuggled back into the united states for example on the inside
1:36 pm
of the balegs of marijuana. they just don't work. i describe what vice president as kabuki theater. some of the things that could work like getting a handle on mental illness and violently ill or looking our society what hollywood is doing. that is off the table. >> gregg: can an argument be made that it has the reverse effect. gun control tends to disarm victims and embolden criminals? >> i think that is exactly right. going back to examples in chicago or washington, d.c. or new york city, criminals can be very confident that the victims are going to be disarmed. that is not true in places like texas and florida. increasing number have states have liberalized concealed carrying of weapons.
1:37 pm
of course, progress irs predicted blood baths when they liberalized their laws. crime actually came down. >> gregg: thanks so much for sharing your column with us. >> jamie: confirmation battle over president obama's pick for defense secretary is heating up. we'll take a look at why lawmakers from both parties say they are opposed to former republican senator chuck hagel's nomination. male announcer ] today, jason is here to volunteer to help those in need. when a twinge of back pain surprises him. morning starts in high spirits, but there's a growing pain in his lower back. as lin grow longer, his pain continues to linger. but after a long day of helping others, he gets some helpful advice. just two aleve have the strength to keep back pain away all day. today, jason chose aleve. just two pills for all day pain relief. try aleve d for strong, all day long sinus and headache relief.
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>>. >> gregg: breaking news. treasury department spokesperson is saying that it will not produce platinum coins to avoid the debt increase. the idea has gained momentum mostly among democrats with republicans threatening another debt ceiling showdown on spending cuts. u.s. expected to reach the debt limit next month. some economists, you start printing money like that you
1:42 pm
will devalue the existing currency and in the long run create enormous inflation. that apparently option being ruled out by the department of treasury. >> jamie: consumer financial protection bureau is unveiling new mortgage rules and no one is happy about them. banking industry and consumer groups feel they are getting shortchanged. biggest critics people now to be cautious and careful about their investment decisions. joining us with more kyle harrington, good to see you. i was surprised about reading this. everybody remembers the mortgage mess. apparently under these new rules it sounds like it will be easier for people to get mortgages. that sounds like a good thing. is it? >> it's better i'm interested in people being able to attain
1:43 pm
mortgages. i'm also interested in paying attention to the details in a bill here that is over 800 pages. so i think more than ever -- here is how i come out on it. i am surprised in the bill they are not asking for very important things like credit scoring, for example. at the same time i wanted to make sure that people are able to get mortgages, however buyer beware and devil is in details. i suggest you sit down with a trusted advisor and take pro-active measures as a family or an individual and make sure you can afford the property that you wish to purchase. you can attain a mortgage that makes sense within the budget that your household has. counting on washington, d.c. to put together anything, i think, in bills of this length that make a whole lot of sense, to me
1:44 pm
seems not to be the indication. i'm surprised there are not more stringent rules based on what happened before with the mortgage meltdown. >> jamie: that would be my question. to protect folks not to get in over their heads as many did. it's 804 pages, specific title ability to repay and qualify mortgage standards. basically for our viewers to know, you don't have to put a downpayment. you can borrow essentially 43% of your pre-tax earnings which is high, and you don't have to prove income or wages working. you can prove documented income including welfare. >> that is perplexing to me. i would assume that the rules ed on what has more stringent taken place over the last six or seven years in the mortgage and housing marketplace. all i'm suggesting if i wanted people to buy homes, americans
1:45 pm
to own their own home, how far, i want to make sure that everybody can afford it. based on what happened in the last five or six years, need be pro-active about doing your own due diligence in an effort to protect and preserve capital for your family or for you when purchasing an item like a home which is very important purchase. >> jamie: you are saying this is borrower beware situation. why do you think the new regulation, because hindsight is 20 already 20? >> when i read news this bill. it was very surprising to me. all i can think about d.c. very much wants a push for people to get back in the housing market because there is definitely a need for the housing market to come alive. however, when the job market looks like it does and we have very high unemployment at 7.8%.
1:46 pm
you have sluggish g.d.p. growth and facing an issue lying the debt ceiling, people are very cautious, they should be. i think this may be a bill d.c. wants to make the person that is on the fencing out and go through the process of buying a home. all i'm suggesting make sure you are prepared and you have the funds in place to do that. >> jamie: understood. thanks so much kyle. >> gregg: chuck hagel is under fire from so many sides as he gets ready for a tough confirmation battle. how much of the criticism is fair? how much is missed? we'll take a closer look with a aaron david miller. >> jamie: we are waiting to hear is lance armstrong prepared to admit to doping.
1:47 pm
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>>. >> jamie: shocking new developments concerning cycling champion lance armstrong. after years of denial he is prepared to make an limited confession with an interview with oprah winfrey. he hasn't spoken about it that cast him as a leader of a sophisticated doping program. the reports eventually led to armstrong being stripped of his seven tour de france titles and a lifetime ban from the sport. >> gregg: washington, d.c. is gearing up for one of the biggest confirmation battles in year and in the hot seat is chuck hagel critics say the former republican senator is not sympathetic to israel and being too accommodating to our
1:52 pm
enemies. where does chuck hagel really stand? what is myth and what is fact? our next guest, aaron david miller, former advisor to six secretaries of state. great to see you. this whole thing is your fault. >> no good deed goes unpunished. >> gregg: explain to us it was your interview. in which he said the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people. that remark led people to accuse him of being hostile to israel but in your column this week and the washington post you argue that is myth. how so? >> chuck hagel isn't a gushing zionist but he is not an enemy of the state of israel. he believes in a relationship with the jewish state and the voting record in terms of $40
1:53 pm
billion over the years is testament to that fact. he just doesn't believe in having an exclusive relationship with the israelis and every policy they pursue is scrutinized or criticism. he is is a republican realist in the mode of george h.w. bush, james baker. more important than that, the reality is, i think this fight really isn't about hagel at all. it's about the president because the president is the most controlling, dominating foreign president since richard nixon. in the end hagel thinks about israel or iran isn't going to make much difference. it's the president that is going to make the call. >> gregg: let me quote you in that regard. we'll put it on the screen. it's really about opposition to obama, opposing hagel as way for republicans to remind the
1:54 pm
president not to take them for granted. aaron, if you are right, my goodness, that is ridiculously petty? >> petty -- i think you have a couple things. obama is one of 17 american presidents to re-elected to a second term. if the reality what has happened so far. that reelection hasn't given him a lot of influence or power. whether the debt ceiling, gun control, fiscal cliff, his first nominee for secretary of state susan rice, republicans are here to remind him that they are significant opposition, number one. number two, their own foreign policy, they are trying to figure out a way in the wake of bush 43 to identify a foreign policy muscular foreign policy that is different than the democrats. i think a lot of this is feeding the controversy. >> gregg: fair enough. you also debunk the argument
1:55 pm
that hagel is not qualified. in doing so in part you are siding with some derision. another pentagon chief who was well qualified, does judgment trump experience? >> it's a fascinating point. don rumsfeld is one of the most brilliant people that i've ever met. there is no question about it. if you look at the first george w. bush administration and you look at the policies on iraq, you had a group of people who were as well qualified, whose resumes if you stack them up were among the most remarkable in washington in the history of our foreign policy. and yet, you ended up with on a set of decisions, certainly on iraq that proved my judgment and in the judgment of most americans to be catastrophic.
1:56 pm
my point, it's not just paper credentials, its discretion, it's asking the right questions before you advise a president to put young american men and women in harm's way. >> gregg: let's talk about hagel's judgment. the most frequent criticism of him seems to be advocacy of negotiating with iran and hezbollah and hamas and opposition naming the alert two as terrorist groups which would appear to be a no-brainer given their conduct over the last 30 years. say that won't matter much because, you say hagel won't have a say or influence in these matters -- i would have to tell you, i think he would have enormous say in those matters? >> the hearings before the armed services committee is going to provide good opportunity for tough questioning and honest and
1:57 pm
clear answers on his part. gregg, on the issue you just identified, the reality is, i'll say it again -- barack obama is most controlling foreign policy president since richard nixon. a pentagon chief is not going to have to a say or in fact play on the issue of what american does or does not do with regard to hamas or hezbollah. i just don't buy it. i think in the end, come back to where i began. the fight against hagel, yeah, his statements some of which need to be scrutinized and provide answers but it's about obama. >> gregg: thanks so much. ♪ reach one customer at a time? ♪ or help doctors turn billions of bytes of shared information... ♪ into a fifth anniversary of remission?
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>> gregg: hello. i'm greg greg. welcome do a grand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby in for heather childers today. topping the news this hour, president obama is discussing the future of america's mission in afghanistan with president hamid karzai. the two laying out the plan for afghan forces to take over security as the u.s. troops withdraw. >> gregg: faa ordering a comprehensive review of boeing's brand-new dreamliner jet after 787s suffered a string of frightening incidents this week, including a cracked cockpit window and a battery fire. >> jamie: former cycling champ lance armstrong reportedly
2:02 pm
considering an admission to doping. those close to him say he plans to open up in an interview he will do this week with oprah winfrey. first a fox news alert on the serious concerns today about the flu outbreak our country is seeing. it is gripping most of the country. take a look at this map. according to the centers for disease control, 47 states are reporting widespread flu activity, up from 41 states last week. 20 children have lost their lives to the flu so far. and the cdc says the flu outbreak has surpassed the epidemic threshold. it's serious. new york governor andrew quo me has been the first to declare his state a public health emergency situation. anna kooiman following this in our new york city news room. tell us the latest. >> the epidemic is two fold, driven by a stronger than normal strain and the dreaded flu season started one month early this year, in december. and in some places around the
2:03 pm
country, report vaccine shortages. the silver lining seems to be the flu already peaked in some places, like the south. the centers for disease control or cdc, estimates the flu kills about 24,000 people in an average year. mostly the very old or very young and says the majority of americans this year are seeing outbreaks in their communities, a normal occurrence. boston has been hit particularly hard. the death toll from the flu has now hit six. 18 in all of massachusetts. state public health officials there say the flu's early arrival and its fierce symptoms this season have been causing patients to flood emergency rooms and a rush on vaccine. the advice for physicians? if sick, do not go to work and don't let your kids go to school. >> flu is a severe disease and i think this a good remainer when flu circulates in the united states, we get thousands of deaths, or tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations. so we really want folks to think
2:04 pm
about that and make sure she get vaccinated. if you haven't get this year action get it now. >> this year nearly 130 million doses have been distributed. so far, at least 112 million have been used. officials say supplies are running low in some places, but vaccine is still available. jamie, since the swine flu epidemic in 2009, vaccination rates have increased in the u.s. by more than half of americans we're told have yet to get the vaccine this year. back to you. >> jamie: most of us are doing as we're told. thanks. >> gregg: you got the vaccine kicking and screaming. i remember. >> jamie: i told you last saturday i wouldn't. but i reconsidered to be thoughtful of people like you. >> gregg: there you go. >> jamie: because i'm vaccinated, i'm forgetting you. >> gregg: that was the argument i made when she was kicking ask screaming. >> jamie: dr. siegle said if we all get forgetted, we'll be better off. >> gregg: let's talk about the cost of the flu. it's really shocking. in the united states alone, the annual direct cost estimated at
2:05 pm
$10.4 billion, including hospitalization, doctor visit, medication. additionally, up to 111 million work days are lost because of the flu. that's an estimated $7 billion a year in sick days and lost productivity. as the nation grapples with this widespread flu outbreak, we'll take closer look at all the confusion around access to the vaccine which you need to do to stay healthy and ha you should do if you're already sick. that's coming up a bit later on in this newscast. >> jamie: president obama's moving forward with the transition in afghanistan. we've been talking about that. but now he's had a meeting with afghan president karzai at the white house and the u.s. military mission in afghanistan, it will end in 2014. but president obama said it is time to hand over more responsibility to the afghan people. >> more than half a million americans, military and civilian, have served in afghanistan, thousands have been
2:06 pm
wounded. more than 2,000 have given their lives. this remains a very difficult mission. the work ahead will not be easy. our forces are still in harm's way. make no mistake, our path is clear and we are moving forward. because after more than a decade of war, the nation we need to rebuild is our own. >> what does that mean now? molly henneberg live from washington. molly? >> as far as what will change for our troops in afghanistan, jamie, it had long been the plan for u.s. troops to transition from front line fighters to more of a training and advising role. that was going to happen this summer, or later this year. now president obama has said that this spring our forces will turn over the lead and security to the afghans. with an eye toward bringing most of our 66,000 troops home by the end of 2014. republicans say the u.s. still needs to make sure that al-qaeda doesn't move back in as soon as we leave.
2:07 pm
>> they pretty much moved to north africa, moving back would not be difficult if we had a vacuum we've got to make sure that the karzai government, afghan police and troops we train there are capable of filling the vacuum of the u.s. forces when they leave. >> president obama says he awaits recommendations from the pentagon and commanders on the ground as to what kind of military 23509print the u.s. will have in afghanistan after 2014. the white house has left open the possibility that the u.s. may not leave any troops there. jamie. >> jamie: one of the other interesting things we noted was that the president said we need to rebuild our own country. what specifically was he referring to? >> he was suggesting that after a decade of war, it's time to look at what needs to be fixed here at home. here is what the president says is on his list. >> we have to grow our economy and shrink our deficits. create new jobs and boost family incomes. we have to fix our infrastructure and our
2:08 pm
immigration system. we have to protect our planet from the destructive effects of climate change and protect our children from the horrors of gun violence. >> one more note on afghanistan, president obama also voiced his support, along with president karzai, for reconciliation efforts between the afghan government and taliban insurgents. the men endorse the idea of opening a taliban political office in the country of qatar, to try to encourage the taliban to work with the afghan government and not against it. jamie. >> jamie: molly henneberg live in washington. good to see you and thank you. serious new developments in a new al-qaeda hot spot in west africa. as we heard in that piece, french forces are launching air strikes on targets in mali, a former french colony. the operation coming after an appeal for help from mali's president. the attacks are driving islamic rebels out of a key city and destroying a militant command center. according to the "wall street journal," paris is asking the u.s. to send drone there is to support the campaign and france
2:09 pm
is raising its own terror threat level as a result of the strike. it's important to understand that the al-qaeda group there is one of the most dangerous offshoots of the terror group in the entire world. they've essentially carved out their own territory in the lawless desert region in the northern part of the country over the past nine months. we'll have much more to come on this developing story. gregg? >> gregg: a new push this week to hold the syrian government responsible for war crimes committed during their nearly two-year-old civil war, more than 50 countries now backing a plan set to be presented to the united nations security council, referring members of the assad regime to the war crimes tribunal at the hague in the nether hands. conner powell is live with more. conner? >> that letter will officially go to the u.n. security council on monday and if the u.n. security council refers it to the international criminal court, members of the syrian government and the syrian rebel leadership could all be charged
2:10 pm
with war crimes, persecutions and prosecutions, tenning on what this court finds. it isn't really a solution to the violence today. it's more a threat of action rather than something that will end the fighting today, which is continuing across all of syria. we are -- we understand we are hearing from rebels in the north part of syria that the fighting there, they have been able to take control of a air base that was a syrian military air base that had been used to launch attacks on rebels and on civilians in the northern part of syria. rebels now, they say they control it and they've managed to capture everything from tanks and rocket launchers to helicopters. most importantly, rebels say this will help limit the number of air strikes the assad regime could launch on rebel positions and on civilians in the northern part of the country. but the rebels are also facing a setback around damascus, where they reportedly lost control of a suburb just outside of damascus, just outside the capital, to syrian military unit
2:11 pm
that pushed in there. this is a type of fighting we're seeing all across syria, where one group makes progress and is pushed back by another group days later. this is the type of see saw type fighting we are seeing and it really is to the frustration of the international community because neither side appears to have an upper hand and this violence and fighting continues. the u.n. now warning that by the end of this year action we could see 100,000 people killed in syria. already they say more than 60,000 have been killed and so far international attempts to bring the violence to an end, gregg, have all been unsuccessful. >> gregg: conner powell live in jerusalem, thank you. >> jamie: another big story this weekend, extreme weather. in the extreme weather center, we want to show you the snow piling up already in utah, as blizzard and winter storm warnings are in effect for parts of the northern plains and upper midwest. meteorologist maria molina is hard at work live in the fox weather center. hi. how is the map looking today?
2:12 pm
>> good to see you. most of the snowfall is winding down. we're starting to see improvement as far as additional snowfall. the bad news is we have very cold temperatures across places in the rockies and also the northern plains and also some lingering wind that. wind is picking up the snow that's already on the ground and blowing it around. so you're still talking about very rough traveling conditions with whiteout conditions and the blizzard conditions as well. i want to mention sneer weather. we've brand-new storm we're tracking. that exited toward canada. now this has developed across portions of the central plains, producing areas of heavy rain. a little bit of snow across northern end of it, and also some severe weather. we have a tornado warning across parts of southwestern indiana, northwestern ken. this includes posse county, sander berg, western henderson county and northern union county and again, this is across places in indiana and kentucky. you got to seek shelter immediately. there could be a tornado on the ground. places across northern lanes and
2:13 pm
upper midwest, the snow winding down. but we have this new storm system already bringing in areas of heavy rain and severe weather across places in indiana. southern parts of illinois and down into parts of texas and we're talking about possible flooding, because several inches of rain are expected. locally up to five inches of rain could fall. otherwise severe weather as we head into later tonight, throughout the evening hours. little rock, heads up. you could be seeing some severe weather and jamie, current temperatures, very cold across northern plains. you factor in that wind i mentioned and it feels like the below 0 in many places. now feels like 16 below zero in bismarck. >> jamie: i mentioned the minus 17 people are home watching us. definitely not out. be came. thanks. >> thanks. >> gregg: new developments concerning former cycling champion lance armstrong. sources are saying he is actually going to confess to doping throughout his career after years of denials.
2:14 pm
he's sitting down for an interview next week and he is expected to respond to last year's u.s. anti-doping agency report that concluded that he used performance enhancing drugs, a report eventually led to him being stripped of his seven tour defrance titles and a lifetime ban from all u.s. ada sanctioned convenience. he partnerly wants to compete in triathlons. but this is legally a real problem for him. he testified under oath that he didn't dope. at the confesses now that he was lying, he could be prosecuted for perjury. >> jamie: is there a way to confess without confessing for him? >> gregg: i really don't think so. you can try to thread the needle, but then you're making matters worse because people are saying, well, you're still lying and you're lying to forget yourself from -- protect yourself from criminal activity. not to mention he has three lawsuits against him for breach
2:15 pm
of contract and fraud. if he confesses, he could end up paying 20, $30 million. >> jamie: does anyone else get pulled in as an accessory? >> gregg: i don't know about that. but he called a lot of people liars. but a lot of people could sue him for defamation. boy, if i'm his lawyer, i would tell him to clam up. >> jamie: i'm gog talk to judge jeanine, but i got something else to talk to her. wait until you hear this. we're still talking about the flu. it's deadly already. this an outbreak now that the cdc says hit epidemic levels. there are some reports of a shortage of tamiflu. that's what you take when you already have confirmed you have the flu. we'll talk to a doctor. >> gregg: vice president joe biden holing meetings this week on gun control. what can we expect when he releases his recommendations next week? h card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work?
2:16 pm
oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one. choose unlimited rewards with 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day! what's in your wallet? here's your invoice.
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>> jamie: a solemn day of remembrance and reflection in haiti. the country is quietly marking exactly three years to the date since a massive earthquake caused all of this widespread devastation. the country's prime minister and former president bill clinton placing a wreath at a mass burial site north of the capital city of port-au-prince. more than 300,000 people were
2:20 pm
killed in that quake. nearly half a million still live in grim displacement camps to this very day. don't forget to catch a special edition of "on the record" with greta van susteren called" rebuilding haiti" and it looks at the recovery effort there. that's sunday at 10:00 p.m. eastern only here on the fox news channel. >> gregg: vice president joe biden saying there is no silver bullet to deal with gun violence in the u.s. the white house thinking about a broad set of new policies in the wake of the deadly school massacre in connecticut. here is the vice president. >> there is no silver bullet. there is no, as one of my friends said, no seatbelt that you can put on to assure that we will not be in this circumstance again. >> gregg: i don't know if he intended to use the phrase, silver bullet, or not. what will be the political end game? that's the question. let's bring in our political panel.
2:21 pm
jeanine, director of outreach, an author. and john is founder of left action. good to see you both. there's a flurry of activity not only on capitol hill burks the white house and media. many of them liberal, demanding for change. they seem obsessed with this subject and given newtown, i suppose it's understandable to some extent. but notwithstanding, you don't think that any new laws are going to be passed. how do you figure? >> i don't. first of all, i think this is a classic example of the elite and the bureaucrats trying to force pressure on those who are legally able to own a gun versus those who are mentally unstable who are able to gain guns and create this carnage. we're talking arizona, colorado, and in the other places that this has taken place. i think the left is trying to push their antigun agenda and the american people, those who want to own a gun, who have a right to own a gun, are outraged
2:22 pm
about this. their actions are driving up gun sales across the country. >> gregg: i must say, john, that there is a common denominator in the most recent acts of mass violence, gun violence and that is the mentally ill. it appears to be less the guns themselves and the deranged people holding those guns. what do you think? >> the guns are a part of it. obviously without the gun, you won't have the same level of lethality. we don't send our troops into combat with sling shots. >> gregg: we're not going to get rid of all guns. let's begin with the premise of there will be guns. supreme court said the second amendment exists. it's the right of people to hold guns. the question is, what about the mentally ill? are we focusing less on them? >> it's got to be a broad based approach. mental health care is a huge part of this. and most of america agrees in the steps we need to at the same time background checks. 40% of gun, i believe it's 40% of guns sold are not subject to
2:23 pm
background check. so if you want to find the mentally ill people, you want to keep the guns out of the hands of the truly dangerous, if you don't check, how do you know who they are? >> gregg: it's interesting, glasses ten-year ban on assault weapons, which seems to be topical right now. both the cdc and the national research council spent years studying the impact. you know what they found? none. >> no impact. >> gregg: then the department of justice itself, as well as the national institute of justice, did a follow-up and they didn't find any impact and they said if you renew the ban did -- and i wrote this down -- it will only have a small impact on gun violence. >> listen, the plunderers know who has the gun, what states have the laws where you are unable to have a gun and states you are able to. i'm a westchester county resident. i was out recently and the journal news story. my home is on a map with my address where people know that i am a licensed firearm holder.
2:24 pm
that is outrageous and very dangerous. so again, this is the left trying to push their antigun agenda. people have a right to own a gun. >> am i within a right to own a nuclear weapon? >> he'll should be able to protect themselves, their property. >> i want a drone. why can't i have one? >> that's your business. >> you protect my right to have a nuclear weapon? >> we have a right to bear arms. >> gregg: i want to put it to you john. you said, when you look at some of the most dangerous cities in america, those are the places that have the most restricted gun laws. >> chicago. >> gregg: yet, they seem to have done little to deter gun violence. >> you can have very restrictive gun laws in one city. but if the city three miles away, if it's open season, you compare dc and virginia, it's not hard to truck guns across the border. and you have to have something
2:25 pm
at the national level. look, it's not going to be a one size fits all solution. reality is we need mental health care. when someone has 100 bullets in a clip, they're not hunting deer. it's obvious what they're doing. >> if people want to own a gun, no matter how many bullets are in a clip, that's their right. i am someone who was stalked by someone over a year and let me tell you something, i would have used a gun at any chance i had. >> i don't blame you. >> gregg: in addition to high assault weapons, what do you think about that? >> tears up to the state. let the states decide what rules and laws they want to have. but don't have this blanking, sweep of laws and rules against people who want to own certain guns. >> gregg: executive order, good or bad idea, john? >> if congress is not going to act and the american people want common sense reform, then executive order. >> it's a horrible idea. i think democrats coming up for reelection, they're not going to
2:26 pm
stand for that. >> gregg: the president -- he has protection. good to see you both. remember to tune in to fox news sunday tomorrow. the latest on the gun control debate. chris wallace will sit down with an interview with center for american progress, from gun owners of america tomorrow, fox news sunday. check your local listings for times. >> jamie: you just heard danine mention it, there is no fallout concerning a suburban new york newspaper. they're taking serious heat, no pun intended, after publishing this controversial map that shows the personal information of lawful gun permit holders. what fox news host judge jeanine pirro did to the journal news to ask them why did they do that? wait 'til you hear what she has to say and what they said in response. that's next. >> gregg: there are two. you can look up my house. it is supposed to be the future of commercial aviation. now federal regulators are
2:27 pm
taking a very serious new look at boeing's dreamliner. we'll tell but it. >> jamie: the man about to be our next treasury secretary is taking ribbing about whether he is loopy or it's just his signature. the president making a joke, he's got to change that. it goes on our currency. what they're going to do to make sure he gets it right. or after stopping chantix.
2:28 pm
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>> gregg: bottom of the hour. time for top of the news. thousands protesting in pakistan after coordinated bomb attack that killed 96 people yesterday. religious leaders refusing to bury their dead until the government promises to protect them from further violence. >> jamie: there is a new push to hold syrian leaders responsible for the violence in the country's civil war going on
2:32 pm
there. 50 countries backing a proposal to the united nations to clear the way for referring members of the assad regime to the war crimes tribunal in the hague. >> gregg: a new concern as the flu outbreak spreads all over the country. there are reports of a shortage of the medication tamiflu. we'll have more on this in just a moment. >> jamie: also this is an interesting story. it's billed as a future of commercial air travel. federal regulators have already raised pretty serious concerns about boeing's 787 dreamliner. she's sweet burks there is problems. they're calling for a comprehensive review of the design, the manufacturing and the assembly process of the plane after a string of frightening incidents. dominic with the latest from our los angeles bureau. tell us what is the latest? >> hey there. multiple worries this week, batteries bursting into flames and two case of fuel leaks in
2:33 pm
airplanes owned by japan. it could affect routes that use the dreamliner. this is a popular jet for both carriers and also travelers as well. >> i take the route to tokyo. i was hoping they didn't ground the plane. i'm not concerned about the safety issue. >> big deal for some passengers. but also clearly big deal for boeing itself. these scares called into question not just the jet liner's design, but also quality control in boeing's manufacturing processes. the faa investigation is underway, could be a setback for the company given boeing's had mixed fortunes in recent years. the probe can often uncover many other problems. not good news all around. the 787 is too important to u.s. jobs and export to be ignored and the company's stock took a
2:34 pm
hit as a result, down 2 1/2%. i think we can show awe graph there. you can see how rough the past few years. we'll give you an idea how it might affect the company longer term. here is the maker of europe's air bus, the rival. the dips that collate with the super jumbo. every time you see a dip, that relates to the problems. is that going to play out for boeing as the problems crop up during the investigation? let's take a brief step back, the problem at boeing is really that they have with the dreamliner is what we saw when they launched the triple 7. the triple 7 now is really a standard work horse of the sky. no problem there is with a good track record so far. >> jamie: hope they get it right. thank you. gregg? >> gregg: the cdc is now saying that the flu outbreak is hitting epidemic levels. the number of cases overwhelming doctors' offices and hospitals. >> we're still weeks away from
2:35 pm
what's usually the peak of flu season. it came really early this year. we're receiving reports already of shortages of the flu medication tamiflu, at least one form of it. and the flu vaccine shots. what do we do about all that? joining us is dr. radcliffe who works in private practice. it's nice have you with us today. >> thank you. >> jamie: true or false, we'll be okay? are we going to have enough flu vaccine to go around and should we get the flu vaccine? >> there is a lot of confusion about what is available and what is in short supply. some manufacturers have run out of certain preparations, but there are other preparations that are available. if you want your flu shot, you should be able to get it. you may have to call around to several places. in regard to tamiflu, the liquid version of it is not available at this time. but the capsule is. your pharmacist may be able to convert it into a liquid form tore you. >> jamie: who needs liquid form? >> children. it's easier to swallow.
2:36 pm
however, the pharmacist may be able to prepare it in a liquid form. i want to clarify, tamiflu, some people are thinking this is a vaccination, it's not. it does not prevent the flu. it's what we call an antiviral medication, which attacks the virus in people who are infected. >> gregg: let's talk about what happens if we run out of the flu vaccine. it's happened before in other epidemics with other diseases and flus. can they make it on a fast track very quickly or not? >> at this time, no. making the flu vaccine is very complicated process. it takes about ten months in order to manufacture, process, purify and test it. in fact, they are actually working, as we're speaking now, on next year's flu strain. any delays in that will delay the process of getting that on to the market next year. >> jamie: what's the significance of the fact that the flu has reached this level this early in the flu season? >> there is a lot of problems with this.
2:37 pm
we're hoping to hit the peak, but some people are saying it has not hit the peak. for people who have gotten sick, stay at home. cover your mouth when you cough. wash your hands. very basic things. use a kleenex and throw away. stay away from public people. after you have been fever free for 24 hours, you should not be out in the public. >> gregg: look, does this appear to you, this vaccine, to be effective? a lot of people, we were talking about it a week ago, should we take the vaccine? is it effective? is it? >> absolutely. this is one of the better matched strains over several years. although it's not 100% effective in the past, it works on more than 60 to 70% of people who do get the vaccine. and even if you get sick after you get the vaccine, the people who do get the flu shot have less serious complications and they have less risk of death. absolutely. anyone over six months should get the flu shot. >> jamie: obviously if you're
2:38 pm
immune compromised, if you're a child, if you're elderly or pregnant, you're more susceptible. so say tamiflu remains available, 'cause you've given a great suggestion if you can't get it in one form, it can be made for you, what does it treat about the flu? what symptoms does tamiflu take care of and is it only for the flu? >> tamiflu helps attack the virus that causes the flu. so it may decrease the duration of your illness, as well as some of the serious complications. but it has to be started early enough. if you delay starting it, it may not be as effective. >> jamie: sometimes you call your doctor and say, i need treatment for the flu and they go, oh, no, it's not the flu. do you always have a fever with the flu and always have body aches? >> it's more likely. the way you think about the flu is it's a respiratory condition that affects the whole body. muscle aches, you just don't feel well. >> gregg: can a doctor swab you for the flu and determine indeed the test shows you have the flu? >> i'm sorry. just like the flu shot, it is an
2:39 pm
injection. they have o take blood. >> gregg: all right. dr. radcliffe. >> jamie: informative, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jamie: a newspaper apparently can dish it out, but they can't take it. the paper that premeditated the names of legal gun owners or permit holders refuse to go defend their actions to judge jeanine pirro. she went searching for answers and turned the tables on the paper. you will see what happened next. >> gregg: ans seen a stumble inb approval numbers. why americans may be giving him that lower score ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is! [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat?
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>> jamie: welcome back. you may think you heard the story before, but we have new fallout concerning that suburban new york newspaper, the journal news, after they published this controversial interactive map on their web site.
2:44 pm
all those little red dots are the names and home addresses of lawful gun permit holders. judge jeanine pirro turning the tables as she did as a judge and a prosecutor, asking the paper's editors to simply explain the reasons for their actions. why did they do it? so far the journal news is not responding. judge jeanine pirro is the host of "justice" with judge jeanine. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> jamie: people are talk being this on both sides. but i learned something from watching your show last week, that i hadn't thought about. it's not just about you and people like you who have been in a position of power who perhaps need to forget themselves because you put away the body guys. you mentioned a couple of examples that i want people to know about. for example, the battered woman hiding from her abuser. the police officer whose family may now be in danger because people know where he lives. or a witness who testifies against a bad guy, plus the judges and d.a.'s like yourself. how problematic is iter what the
2:45 pm
journal did? >> i think that what the journal news did is because of their leftist antigun agenda, they have literally put people in danger in jeopardy, identifying not just your name and address, but an interactive map of the cross streets, of the major arteries, how you would get to your house, of people like myself. i ran for office five times. i was public official, i get it. but, in the years, 30 years that's a prosecutor, a judge and a d.a., there were many threats against me, but it's part of what i do. you have to worry about the battered women who have orders of protection, whose addresses a hidden by the court, who get a gun to defend themselves and the journal news is giving a road map to the batterer to find her. the witness who testified against a career criminal. but we had a hard time getting to him cooperate with us, is now sitting in fear that that criminal will get his associates who are on the outside.
2:46 pm
>> jamie: with with promised protection. >> if you're in a witness protection program, it's one thing. but at the enof the day, the government cannot protect everyone and most people they can't protect at all. so jamie, everyone is outraged by this. the fact that you can do it doesn't mean that you should do it and so i have put back to the journal news the paper that hounds you, that follows injure kids, that comes to your house, that calls you repeatedly, they're hiding. >> jamie: short canceling a subscription, what did you do? >> first of all, i sent some of my staff there and they got the door slammed in their face. they were escorted off of property. we simply wants to know from the journal news y did do you it? did you think about the consequences? will you be responsible if someone gets hurt? not just in terms of someone who has a gun and may end up using it, but what about a gang banger? what about a drug dealer who says hey, there's a carb of guns over here. this is outrageous.
2:47 pm
>> jamie: let me point out something that i wouldn't normally, but gregg jarrett, who i'm working with, pointed this out t. also has people on the map who aren't legal gun permit owners. so they could basically find anybody with their name and address. how did they have a right to get that information? >> the truth is if you dewpoint have a pistol permit and you live next door to me or live next door to someone who is on that map, you can assume that they're not really going to defend themselves, that you can go in there and do whatever you want. taas blueprint for a career criminal. but i think it is a height of hypocrisy for the journal news that purveyor of information to lock down and say, we can't talk about it. what can't you talk about? i mean, you are in the business of asking questions. now answer some of them. >> jamie: you going to take it further? >> we are going to take it further. we know, number one, people are cutting off their subscriptions, advertisers are not advertising. i'll talk on the show tonight about some of the consequences that have occurred as a result
2:48 pm
of these people in their ivory tower hiding behind men with guns, whose names and addresses they won't advertise the way they did everyone else. and are sitting there as though they are in a castle. >> jamie: it was fascinating to hear these -- i hope these people will be okay. >> i do, too. it's on the journal news. if something happens to those people, shame on the journal news and i think there will be consequences. if not, just legal consequence. >> jamie: we'll watch tonight, 9:00 p.m. eastern and only here on the fox news channel. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> gregg: you going to go after janet hasson, the publisher? >> we were at her house. you'll have to tune in at 9 to find out. and ha she did to us. >> gregg: oo nice. senator john kerry is gearing up for his confirmation hearings, but do the american people want to see him replace hillary clinton as secretary of state? we'll have the latest poll
2:49 pm
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>> gregg: there is an on-line petition that's making the rounds. president obama's pick for the treasury secretary is jack lew. but jack has a knack with his loopy john hancock. now fans of lew loops are petitioning to see his squiggles on every bill because when tim geithner became the head of the treasury, he changed his signature to be more legible on u.s. currency. we just checked and about 300 people have signed the petition. 25,000 signatures, though, needed to reach the petitioners' goal. >> jamie: could be a collector's item. president obama's approval rating taking a slight hit this week in the wake of the fiscal cliff deal. >> gregg: according to a brand-new rasmussen poll, 54% of likely voters approve of the job the president is doing. 44% disapprove.
2:54 pm
so what else are the polls telling us? >> jamie: scott rasmussen is an independent pollster. great to see you. how big a change was this? >> not much of a change at all. a week ago the president's job approval was 56%. the peak of his post-election bounce was 58%. so it's easing back to a more normal range right now. you got to keep it in context. first off, the job approval right now is higher than it was for most of his first term. the numbers break down like this. nine out of ten democrats say he's doing a great job. eight out of ten republicans disapprove. the unaffiliated voters, they're split down the middle. what we'll be watching for the next few weeks is the impact of the payroll tax cut and other concerns about the economy. if the economy starts to head south, the president's numbers will probable will he head down, too. >> gregg: let's talk about one of the president's cabinet next, jack lew, not exactly a household name, is he? >> not at all.
2:55 pm
three out of four people have no idea who he is. while 10% offer a favorable opinion, only 1% really have a strongly favorable view of him. we did not ask about his signature. this is the truth of most new appointees. people don't know who they are. three or four years from now, if the treasury secretary, numbers will be determined by how the economy is doing. >> jamie: meanwhile, i want to ask you about another pick. we have to wait and see what happens with confirmation, scott. but senator kerry is known, not as much as secretary clinton certainly was before she went through confirmation. do people know enough about him? >> yeah. 47% have a favorable opinion of senator kerry. 42% an unfavorable view. this is a partisan response. it's about a man who ran for president on the democratic ticket. his numbers aren't as good as secretary clinton's. nobody's are. hers are the best numbers in the cabinet, partly because even
2:56 pm
people who disagree with her in and a lot of views have come to form a grudging respect for the work she's done in the public eye over 20 years. >> gregg: perhaps the most difficult confirmation process will be chuck hagel, former u.s. senator, a republican, by the way, selected by a democratic president. but he's a controversial one. so what did you find? >> one out of three people basically say they have a favorable opinion. similar numbers say unfavorable. 28% say chuck who? this is an appointment where half the nation does realize he is a republican and like lindsey graham, a lot of them don't look at it as an olive branch. when we asked specifically about the confirmation, 43% of voters want to see hagel confirmed. 25% don't. when we told them he wants to cut defense spending, the numbers went to 47% in his favor. 38% oppose. >> jamie: finally, you've been doing some polling as well on the fiscal cliff and where americans see themselves.
2:57 pm
>> this is in terms of their overall political attitudes. 44% consider themselves fiscal conservatives. 40% say they are fiscalcally moderate. there is a generation gap here. older voters, more likely to be conservative. younger voters, more likely to be moderate. and by the way, middle class voters are the most likely of all to be fiscal conservatives. >> jamie: thank you so much, scott. >> have a great weekend. >> gregg: that's it for us. rick folbaum, arthel neville take over at the top of the hour. >> jamie: see you again tomorrow morning, 10 a.m have a great evening, everybody. they're up next venture miles for their annual football trip. that's double miles you can actually use. but it's our tradition! that's roughing the card holder. but with the capital one venture card you get double miles you can actually use. [ cheering ] any flight, anytime. the scoreboard doesn't lie.
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